Successful Muslim

Develop The Right Niyyah to achieve success!

We want to achieve our goals and become successful in dunya and akhira. As Muslims we have to strive for the best with our best intentions on the path of Islam. Many times this is more difficult to accomplish because the track to achieve our goals might be rocky and not easy. 


Our Niyyah is our strongest to tool to achieve our goals and become successful in life. In Islam we find the best way to plan, develop and achieve our goals as human, as Muslims. 


This live online coaching will help you to develop your Niyyah to achieve your goals and become successful in life. 


You will learn in this live coaching:

  • The concept of Niyyah and how it works,
  • What success means to a Muslim,
  • Why it is important for Muslims to be successful in life,
  • How to plan and develop your goals to achieve success,
  • What the Sunnah and Quraan teach us about becoming successful.

How does this course look like?

The course will take place for a total period of 4 weeks. During this 4 weeks there will be 4 individual live coaching sessions via webinar (1 hour each) where you can work on your personal way with your coach. In between you will have access to our course learning videos where you can learn with videos about the basics necessary to achieve your goals. You will get your individual login and watch where and whenever you want.In addition you will be invited to an exclusive 2 hours live webinar where you will learn about the important topics you will need to reach your personal target.


You can start the course at any time and book your individual coaching sessions directly with your coach. The live webinar will be held on Saturdays or Sundays.

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Successful Muslim

4 weeks course including 3 individual coaching sessions, access to our e-learning videos + 2 hours live webinar

Successful Muslim Course 1 Person incl. 4 weeks course including 3 individual coaching sessions, access to our e-learning platform + 2 hours live webinar


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Participant Voices

"After searching for a long time for support I found Muslim Academy Online. From the first contact it was heartily, uncomplicated and with Muslim mind-set the coaches could understand my topic and help me to work on my issues." 

Onur (Latvia)