Self Focus

It is said that we have to find ourselves in order to find ALLAAH (ta). This Sufi wisdom has its truth and shows us how important it is to sometimes focus on your inside to achieve great things. In this times we often loos this focus and thus loos the focus on what is really necessary in life.


Self focus is important to know who we are and what our relation to ALLAAH (ta) and towards others is. Without self focus we get many times into the grinder of daily routines and things which do not benefit us. 


During this course we will talk about how to get a better self focus and the profits of being self focused from a Muslim view point. 


In this course you will learn:

  • Why it is so important to focus on yourself,
  • How to develop a routine for self focusing,
  • What self focus means from a Muslim view point,
  • How to avoid developing an unhealthy self focus,
  • What are the teachings of the Sunnah in regards to self focus,
  • How to practically incorporate Islamic knowledge into daily self focus,
  • How Salat helps you to improve your self focus,
  • What outside and inside factors can endanger your self focus,
  • How self focus helps you to reach your goals and become a better Muslim.

How does this course look like?

The course will take place for a total period of 4 weeks. During this 4 weeks there will be 3 individual live coaching sessions via webinar (1 hour each) where you can work on your personal way with your coach. In between you will have access to our course learning videos where you can learn with videos about the basics necessary to achieve your goals. You will get your individual login and watch where and whenever you want.  In addition you will be invited to an exclusive 2 hours live webinar  where you will learn about the important topics you will need to reach your personal target.


You can start the course at any time and book your individual coaching sessions directly with your coach. The live webinar will be held on Saturdays or Sundays.

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Self Focus

4 weeks course including 3 individual coaching sessions, access to our e-learning videos + 2 hours live webinar

Self Focus Course 1 Person 4 weeks course including 3 individual coaching sessions, access to our e-learning platform + 2 hours live webinar


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Participant Voices

"I had a hard time in my work and could not see how to improve and solve this situation. Muslim Academy Online helped me to change my attitude, helped me to gain more self-confidence and supported me to find my true values and what is important for me as a Muslim and manager. Muslim Coach really helped me get a better life and become a stronger Muslim." 


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