Mind yourself, mind others, mind your faith

The key to yourself and to your Deen is being mindful in everything you do. Starting everything with the right Niyyah and under observance of your faith will help you to act mindful and be in balance. We are all blessed by ALLAAH (ta) with a natural mindfulness but can and have to train and improve this frequently in order to keep ourselves in mental shape and remind us on who we are. 


This very special course will show you how to discover your mindfulness, make you more mindful towards yourself and others and thus help you to improve your Iman and religious practice. 


In this course you will learn:

  • What the Quraan and the Sunnah say about being mindful,
  • How mindfulness helps us to become a better Muslim,
  • What mindfulness means for your spiritual development,
  • How you can benefit from more mindfulness in Dunya and Akhira,
  • How mindfulness helps you to reduce stress and problems,
  • How to develop yourself to become a more mindful person.

How does this course look like?

The course will take place for a total period of 4 weeks. During this 4 weeks there will be 3 individual live coaching sessions via webinar (1 hour each) where you can work on your personal way with your coach. In between you will have access to our course learning videos where you can learn with videos about the basics necessary to achieve your goals. You will get your individual login and watch where and whenever you want.  In addition you will be invited to an exclusive 2 hours live webinar where you will learn about the important topics you will need to reach your personal target.


You can start the course at any time and book your individual coaching sessions directly with your coach. The live webinar will be held on Saturdays or Sundays.

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4 weeks course including 3 individual coaching sessions, access to our e-learning videos + 2 hours live webinar

Mindfulness Course 1 Person 4 weeks course including 3 individual coaching sessions, access to our e-learning platform + 2 hours live webinar


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Participant Voices

"When I found Muslim Academy Online I was in a very over strained situation. It was great to have someone on my side who could navigate me through this chaos. With the coach I could sort all my thoughts and put them into an order. This really helped me to get things back on track. It is really coaching for Muslims from Muslims.“


Mohammad (Netherlands)