Manage your Time

Time is limited and a valuable gift we all receive from ALLAAH (ta).

For a Muslim it is important not to waste time with things which do not benefit us and manage our time wisely as a respect to the One who gives us every second of it. 


Time is running fast and many times we get the feeling that 24 h a day is not enough to cope with all the important things to come. We ask ourselves why do others get all of their duties done within this time and want to know their secrets.


The secret is not a secret - it is time management. It is possible to use our time more effective and efficient in Dunya and to prepare ourselves for Akhira. Getting all the things done which are important at having still enough time to recreate.


Sounds great! And it is possible!


This special course will help you to master your time, manage your duties in a way that you focus on the important things and help you to become more relaxed and spend more time on your what will help you in Akhira. By looking at modern time management methods we keep the focus on the important things for Muslims and combine those pillars into a Muslim Time Management. 


In this course you will learn:

  • What time means to a Muslim,
  • How to identify important topics and separate them from the rest,
  • ow to plan your work efficient,
  • how to set goals and make them happen,
  • how to get your worldly and religious duties better together,
  • practical and easy methods for daily time management,
  • how to avoid time wasters,
  • how to overcome procrastination.

How does this course look like?

The course will take place for a total period of 4 weeks. During this 4 weeks there will be 2 individual live coaching sessions via webinar (1 hour each) where you can work on your personal way with your coach. In between you will have access to our course learning videos where you can learn with videos about the basics necessary to achieve your goals. You will get your individual login and watch where and whenever you want.  In addition you will be invited to an exclusive 2 hours live webinar where you will learn about the important topics you will need to reach your personal target.


You can start the course at any time and book your individual coaching sessions directly with your coach. The live webinar will be held on Saturdays or Sundays.

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Manage your time in Dunya for Akhira

4 weeks course including 2 individual coaching sessions, access to our e-learning videos + 2 hours live webinar

Manage your time 1 Person 4 weeks course including 2 individual coaching sessions, access to our e-learning platform + 2 hours live webinar


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Participants voices:

I have joined this coaching last year and it was really great to learn more about how to manage my time. All the things I have learned could be directly transferred to my daily life and it really helped me a lot to get more organized. 

Fatima (Switzerland)