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What is the difference between Muslim Academy  and other academies?

Here is the different between Muslim Academy with another academy course, All of our live coaching & Webinars are conducted online so that you can join them from wherever you are and benefit from the learning. All of our topic are Islam related topics that we are facing everyday. 

Do I have to become a member to join the webinars?

No you don't need to! Register to our courses is very simple. You can just fill the register form and click "register now" button, you will automatically be forwarded to select a payment method and asked for your data. This data will only be used by MuslimAcademy for payment purpose. 

How do register and participate?

Our system is very simple. Once you have chosen your course you simply follow the booking process as in any other online stores. After you have selected your payment method and confirmed your booking you will be notified about your successful booking. When your payment is done you will be directly contacted by your personal coach who will discuss with you your desired time and date for the live coaching. The login data will be send to you latest a few days before the first course date. With this data you can simply login to the webinar platform and join!

How does a course work?

All our courses are interactive. Once you have registered and paid, you will get the login details for our webinar platform. At this platform you will have a simple login procedure and can then join the live coaching. Your coach will help you to develop your targets, engage your resources and help you to reach your target. During the course you can interact with your coach and discuss your particular questions. Each course is including one-on-one session so that only you and your coach are present focusing only on your particular topics, access to our e-learning platform where you can learn via videos and an exclusive live webinar about your selected topic


All course are certified so that you will receive your personal participation certificate once you have completed the course. 

Can non-Muslims join the courses?

Of course everyone is welcome to learn with us and share experiences. The courses are designed for Muslims but can be a benefit for everyone who wants to improve and develop the personality. 

How can I pay for the courses?

We currently offer two payment methods (PayPal & Payment in Advance). If you have a PayPal account you simply can use this to settle the payments. It's the easiest and most convenient method. If you don't have a PayPal account please choose Payment in Advance and we will send you the bank account details for payment once your registration is confirmed. 

Can I pay in other currency?

Currently all our prices are quoted in US-Dollar but if you choose PayPal as payment method the price will be calculated to the currency you would like to settle your payment with.


For Indonesia you can also pay in Indonesian Rupiah. Please use Payment in Advance as payment method. The participation fee will be calculated based on the daily foreign exchange rate in IDR. 

Is it possible to view the course as Video on demand?

Yes, on our e-learning platform you will have access to several videos on the course topic you have selected. The live webinars are recorded as well so you can watch them also after the course. On request we can also record your one-on-one sessions with your coach and give you access to this recordings.

What happens if I have booked already but can not participate?

That is no problem. If you inform us by e-mail at least 5 days in advance the complete amount can be either reimbursed to you or you can shift to another course.

Can I change the date if I have registered already?

Sure, you can do that up to 2 days before you have an individual coaching session. Simply send us a message by using the below form with the date you would like to have and we will change your booking. The live webinars are fixed but if you can not participate on one day you will be events on upcoming events. 

Are the courses available in other languages?

We currently offer our courses in English. German language is available on demand.

Can I register for more than one course?

Of course, you can! You can participate in each webinar you would like to. Our simply booking system allows you to place several webinars in your shopping cart and book them. 

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, there are discounts which we frequently offer and publish on our social media sites. Simply become our friend on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay informed about upcoming specials. 

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