We are changing something for you!

Assalam-u-alaikum wr. wb. dear brothers and sister in Islam,


We are happy to make this important announcement to inform you that as of July, 1st 2019 the Muslim Academy Online will become a part of the Islamic Entrepreneurship Institute facebook.com/IslamicEntrepreneurshipInstitute/


As Muslim Entrepreneurs around the globe will need good support the Muslim Academy Online will serve them as a portal for e-learning and development in regards to Islamic Entrepreneurship and Islamic Business inshaallah.

All income derived from the Muslim Academy Online will be used as funding for the Institute and its work to do more research and support Muslimpreneurs worldwide.


We kindly ask you dear siblings, to support the work of the Institute and make duas for us. We seek Allahs (swt) blessing and ask him to grant us His help in developing the Ummah.



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